Anne-Émilie Philippe


Book is a book who look mischievously the reader, his 30 holed words form a proper narration for everyone. 11,5 x 14 cm, 60 pages laser print on cyclus silk 115 g, hand holed, 100 copies, 2012.

Sold out

This book «con» is born in the Orsay museum shop. Few postcards of paintings are placed side by side creating a dialogue and minimal narration. 64 pages, printing in risography, 100 copies.

Publication with short text (in french) originally noted in an I phone. Recto verso printed in manual offset a sheet of Elementa 50g/m2 ; binding with a match, this book need to be cut by the reader. 32 pages, 3 coulours, 60 copies, 2013.