Anne-Émilie Philippe

One print a week

1 print a week is a project carried out over the year 2022, it begins in February and will end next year.

Every week I print an image.

An image taken from my photographic collection, the one that I build up almost every day. Or taken from my drawn notes. These images highlight details from nature, my environment, daily gestures, rituals that are also infused with the news of the world around.

They talk about shapes, colors, artistic senses of animals and plants. Of humans and non-humans, of what they make or unmade.

But also spontaneously generated prints and patterns, chemistry, alchemy, magic.

Elements around us, larger than us or smaller, chance or rather happy encounters of circumstances that allow these appearances or disappearances.

All this reflects my attention to discreet things and is embodied on paper, fabric or other supports to take shape through different techniques, some unconventional or even eccentric. No imposed format in this set, the number of copies varies according to the printing technique, from 5 copies to 40 or even in open edition.

The variations, the accidents are embraced with joy, it is not a question of reproductive work but rather of the experience of possibilities, which is why I would sometimes speak of prints rather than copies in the legend.

This corpus will constitute a set which, I hope, will come to add weekly beauty to our human existences. Three sets are planned to remain complete, and I hope on display while the rest of the prints can be sold on demand and help finance the project, they are numbered signed for some, affordable and available simply by writing me an email.

Also find the project on Instagram #1printaweek